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Photo © by Christoph Bauer


I'm a visual artist and illustrator from Berlin.
I love painting crazy characters and funny scenes, filled with color, love and joy, but also popsurrealistic and abstract elements. My main medium is walldesign and murals, but I also really enjoy to paint canvases, wooden panels or create digital illustrations for clients. I’m part of the streetartcrew THE WEIRD and my name means happy in hungarian. 

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2022 “Sino-German Illustration Exhibition”
Hismoon Gallery, Taicang, China

2021 “Loire Art Show”
Orléans, France

2020 “Colors” Urbanart Festival
Strasbourg, France

2019 “Quatre” with Dxtr, Cone, & Look
Gallery Loft du 34, Paris

2018 “The good old days are now”,
Solo-Exhibition, Factory Mitte, Berlin

2018 “Melancholia”, Solo-Exhibition
Rabiteye Movement Artspace, Vienna

2018 “Wandelism” Urbanart-Groupshow, Berlin

2017 “THE HAUS” Urbanart-Groupshow, Berlin

2016 The Weird - 5 Year Anniversary
Rabiteye Movement, Vienna

2016 What the weekend is Gallery
Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin

2015 “Momentum" Peachbeach-Show
Proof Gallery, London, UK

2015 „Weird World“ with THE WEIRD
Exit Room, New York, USA

2015 “The Haul” with Look & Dxtr
Affenfaust Gallery, Hamburg

2015 “Houses” Solo-Exhibition
Retramp Gallery Berlin

2014 “Our friends on the Peachbeach”
Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin

2014 “Transformation” Solo-Exhibition
Brody Art Yard, Budapest 

2013 ”Vidam means happy” Solo-Exhibition
Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin,

2013 ”The Weird Exhibition”
Innerstate Gallery, Detroit, USA

2013 ”Ich bin ein Berliner”,
Arras, France

2012 ”REM Artspace Opening”, Vienna 

Berlin, Neurotitan 

2012 ”4560 Urban Art Show”
Saarbrücken, Stadtgallerie 

2011 “Hallenkunst”, Messe, Chemnitz 

2011 “The Future starts now”
Supalife Kiosk, Berlin 

2011 “RunVie”, MuseumQuartier, Vienna 

2011 Solo-Exhibition with DXTR “The Heist”, Raw Diamonds, Amsterdam 

2011 Solo-Exhibition “The greatest hits of today and tomorrow”, Copenhagen 

2011 “Backstreet Toys”
Kupferdiebe Gallery Hamburg 

2010 “Reclaim your city” Neurotitan Berlin 

2010 Solo-Exhibition “Welcome to the Peachbeach”, Westberlin Gallery, Berlin